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"Our goal is to develop simple, innovative, and

cost-effective Weather Protection."


Kalle Skogstrand


The story of WeatherProtect started on an August day in 2016. I was sitting with a former colleague who had had the roof of the house washed and painted. The male narrator he had waited several months before the supplier could complete the job due to too much rainfall during the period. The inventor's head immediately began to spin - something had to be done to avoid this, and during the evening a more or less an insanity; "What if you create a roof over roof system that is fast, easy, light and transportable?" What already exists? What is used today? what does this cost? All projects have their issues and I dug around the market. After a short time I saw that here was a hole in the market that could be filled if the product was right. The idea was aired with some colleagues who thought that this was madness and that it would never succeed. This gains inspiration! A year later, something began to take shape that I myself initially thought started as a mental illness, but which was now so much more, it was a product, a vision and a dream that was now to become a French mental illness reality.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 8.10.33.png

The wild idea.

I would try to make a copy of "The Sydney Opera House", a construction that looks like a snail's house and bends over the roof. This had to have a combination of canvas and pillars and could be carried in and placed over a detached house, so that craftsmen could work dry and hot, on all types of work on roofs. Then I had met some of the criteria I had as a starting point for the idea. Fast up and fast down the same day. This was quickly shelved when the weight became too high and the solution too complex for it to be possible to do this quickly and easily, which was the basic idea - "Should my former colleagues really get it right?" without much success I eventually tried to Google myself to see if anyone had done this before. The puppet show about an air tent up! The market had several types of air tents, and I realized you could only use this. Someone had actually invented this already! After trying several of these solutions, it turned out that what was on the market was too heavy to meet the need I had imagined. Weight, material and solutions are too difficult in practical use if it is not to stand permanently. The idea of ​​air does not let go, I worked on, but did not go unnoticed. I talked to dozens of suppliers and suddenly there was finally someone who said that he knew that someone used fire hoses for such tents. Fire hoses are light and can withstand extreme stress. Suddenly a new aspect comes up, a security aspect. By using fire hoses, a very high pressure is needed, a pressure so high that you can risk life and health if something goes wrong. Such a construction would present a risk I would not face. Thus, there was a new blind spot, but new contacts and views from outside, who finally understood the idea and who had faith in the project were on the way forward.

From idea to floating toy

I'm not in the habit of giving up, so here it was just a matter of spitting in my fists and continuing. The inspiration and courage was greater than ever. I conclude that air is part of the solution. I was now able to produce large tubes in plastic which I put in valves, had a tent cloth sewn in airbag material to ensure that the cloth would have the best possible conditions to withstand large stresses and wind gusts. With high expectations that this would only rise like a triumphal arch at sunset, the result was an uncharming Norwegian on a charter holiday who crawls across the floor. The tent arch was not a great big bow, but a very large and expensive floating toy you could use while lying on the water in the summer. As many others would think ... if you just increase the dimension, then this will lift and maybe even bend - there is of course too little air. New production, new test and this time large amounts of air. It came up from the floor, like a child taking its first steps, before crashing down on its ass. The conclusion was clear; "Here we are in for something!"

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 9.01.37.png

The wind is blowing!

On July 31, 2018, it turns around! Finally the tube rose in perfect arc and the first milestone was finally reached. The model was small, but in theory this could be enlarged without major problems. Now the real job started, how could this become a roof over the roof system and what else can we use the product for. Suddenly the possibilities were open, the world was at our feet, but where in the world should one go? For the first time, things went from going inside a mad inventor's head to being something going out into the world. A world that is big, scary and not least full of opportunities. The product was patented, the patent application contained a patent for lifting mechanics, movability and assembly. The family has always given a lot of standard support. They have given me faith, support and, not least, the confidence to do this. When things have been difficult, being able to talk to them, show them what is happening and not least receive thoughts from others than themselves has been important to achieve the goals. One who has been to the project several times and who has also given me enormous support is my oldest son Remy. He had ideas on how this could be taken further, both to commercialize it for sale and not least which focus areas the company should take in the future. Remy is a great, but determined, sparring partner. He had clear requirements and goals, and which way the project should be taken. You have to know what you are doing, when you involve family deeply in such a project. You have to endure success, adversity, disagreements and quarrels, but also all the nice great feelings that come, which are really worth sharing with those you love.

Arc de Triomphe - Arch of victory

To take this further, we decided to create a full-scale production with a "footprint" of 60 m2 and a height of 5 meters. Finally, our triumphal arch was to rise. On September 8, 2018, we can proudly present the first full-scale version of the project, a big and fantastic day. A day of joy, tears, stress and a proud family who were gathered for a test in a gymnasium in Eidsvoll municipality. We were finally at the finish line! Finally it stood there, the lovely triumphal arch that took over 2 years to arrive and best of all, with the whole family present. Little did I realize there and then, in the intoxication of joy and when the tears rolled, that it was now that the project had finally begun. It is now that we were to shape the production, sell and distribute. Although everything seemed to work, there were many things that were not in place at the time. Throughout the year 2018, we used our time well. We established a distributor network which today consists of 14 distributors throughout Norway. Logistics and production are secured and we have large and strong partners who have been with us throughout the journey and who still have as much faith as us in what we do. Together, we have developed multiple models for different uses that are scalable to the projects that may arise and with a lot of exciting accessories that provide unprecedented possibilities. We are proud to together with our fantastic partners be able to deliver a quality product that provides a fast, easy, light and not least a transportable tent for your purpose. Whether it is on the ground or on the roof, in rain or sun, WeatherProtect is the best solution for your project. With only 58 kilos, a base area of ​​60 square meters, modular and movable via rail system - we dare to say that WeatherProtect WP1000 secures your project and ROI in a simple and efficient way. We managed it, with a lot of time, dedication and small funds. We have made a product for the future.


Welcome to the weather protection of the future.

Welcome to WeatherProtect!

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